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Uist Song in light oak Frame


A beautiful picture frame in dark brown with the following inserted:

Far over the mountains and over the seas

There lies a small Island that’s so dear to me.

Its Uist of splendour of beauty divine

A haven in dearest that dear home to me.


There’s Barra and Canna

There’s Lewis and Skye

There’s Tiree and Harris and Islay close by

But there’s no place like Uist it’s one of the best

A little gold haven far out in the West.


Wherever I wander, wherever I roam

My heart is in Uist my dear Island Home.

I love it sincerely and will till I die

It’s peace and its glory no money can buy.


Oh, how I wish I were far over the sea

That dear little island is calling to me.

Its kind loving people are dear to my heart

And when I return there, I’ll never depart.


Its hills filled with Heather enlighten the soul,

I love its dear shores when waves start to roll.

Its sands are pure silver it's grass is so green,

An island like Uist I never have seen.